Wunderlist 1

Our first product at 6Wunderkinder was Wunderlist, a cross-platform task manager. It turned out to be a huge success. I was responsible for the first iOS apps, the first Android app and the desktop app as well as the cross-platform-sync that was doing its magic in the background so that all tasks & lists were available on all devices.

Wunderlist 2

The successor to Wunderlist was Wunderlist 2, the second version of the aforementioned task manager, which came with full native support on all major devices and operating systems. With both Wunderkit and Wunderlist 2 I was mainly responsible for the API development of the applications. This includes managing an infrastructure based on Amazon Web Services with tools such as Chef and Capistrano and the application development with Ruby and Ruby on Rails.

Wunderlist 3

The latest version, Wunderlist 3, was released in 2014. It is a complete rewrite of the previous application, both API and application wise. Wunderlist 3 now relies on a service oriented architecture instead of a monolithic one. The separation allows for a higher scalability and maintainability. Instead of only relying on Ruby as a programming language, our API architecture additionally incorporates languages such as Golang, Scala, Clojure, Haskell and Lua.


At 6Wunderkinder we also released Wunderkit, a social productivity platform that enabled people to work on projects together.


Bachelor Thesis - Evaluation of 3D Game Engines

My Bachelor Thesis describes the evaluation of 3D game engines. Throughout the Thesis I researched if game engines are suitable for the assigment of teaching. I examined the architecture of game engines and explored the different fields of application for game engines, e.g. in medical areas.

In the process of writing the thesis I programmed a 3D-protoype in C++ using the OGRE Game Engine that demonstrates ways of teaching Computer Graphics topics in a playful way.

>> Download my thesis <<


Lava Temple (open-source LÖVE version for desktop)

This version of Lava Temple acted as a prototype for the game that I released later for Android devices. It's build using the LÖVE game engine which is written in Lua.

<< Have a look at the GitHub repo >>